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Are there elements to a Buddha shrine or where/how to set up a Buddha statue at home that are customary to Theravada traditions as opposed to other branches of Buddhism? Also, the shelf I have in mind is not very tall, so my Buddha would be placed low (about 2 feet off the ground). Is this considered disrespectful?

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Keep it in a higher place at least above your waist height. It should be in a clean and quiet room where you do not go to engage in sensual activities. So bedrooms, living rooms, TV rooms are not very good to keep a Buddha statue. Keep the Buddha statue in a place where your feet are not pointed towards it when you sit or lie down.
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My home only has 4 rooms: a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom (which is my daughter's room) and the living room.  So I've placed it in the living room. I will see what I can do about raising it up another couple of feet. Thank you
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In my understanding nothing is disrespectful until you disrespect intentionally. If you place your Buddha at 2 ft high place, it is ok. In this case always pray sitting in front of Him.
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I don't pray. But I appreciate this advice, about intentions. Thank you.
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