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If I have a strong lust and desire for something like porn, specific food etc., what should be my steps in eliminating this? Would it be best to intentionally continue doing this and trying to see everything from the new point of experiences, so I can understand it fully? (Is it beneficial to put myself in a position that is very lustful, and I could avoid it? But on the other hand I would prefer to understand it fully so I don’t have any urges at all.) Or should I try to reduce a contact with these? And if so, how do I know I actually understand these things, and not just try to avoid them? If I want to get rid of the lust for these things completely, what would be the best steps for me?

Thank you!

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Have you read our how to meditate booklet?

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I watched Vante Yuttadhammo saying about porn and masterbation and how to reduce this desire. I request you to watch once in His YouTube channel. The points i can remember are- You should understand that sensual pleasure is temporary, if you are addicted to porn watch it as a normal thing, think that there is nothing special in this video, consider them as normal human beings and look at private organs as we look at monkey, cow, cat or dog. Then slowly you will have the understanding and control over it...same thing you can apply on foods..try to understand that we eat only to survive...thank you...namo buddhaya...
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You could try contemplating the foulness of the body as a supportive practice to mindfulness mediation.

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