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At first blush, sila appears out of place in the list of the ten paramis, or perfections. If sila refers to virtue or proper conduct, do not all the others on the list contribute to such conduct? What falls specifically into the domain of sila?

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Sila is referring to the 5, 8, or 10 precepts. And, though some of the precepts are echoed in the other paramis like honesty, sila is more specific to proper conduct.
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The 10 Paramis in Theravada Buddhism:

  1. Dāna pāramī: generosity, giving of oneself
  2. Sīla pāramī: virtue, morality, proper conduct
  3. Nekkhamma pāramī: renunciation
  4. Paññā pāramī: wisdom, discernment
  5. Viriya pāramī: energy, diligence, vigour, effort
  6. Khanti pāramī: patience, tolerance, forbearance, acceptance, endurance
  7. Sacca pāramī: truthfulness, honesty
  8. Adhiṭṭhāna pāramī : determination, resolution
  9. Mettā pāramī: goodwill, friendliness, loving-kindness
  10. Upekkhā pāramī: equanimity, serenity

The teachings of Paramis are indeed a general teaching. They are listed as qualities cultivated throughout the Samsara by the Bodhisattas to reach one of the 3 modes of enlightenment. 

If you are someone who is looking for a structured and specific method of attaining freedom from suffering, I would suggest you to study the Noble Eightfold Path instead of the Paramitas. If you are studying the Paramitas for educational purposes, I would recommend reading the Buddhavamsa.

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Sīla pāramī: virtue, morality, proper conduct

Which consists more of not killing, not stealing, not committing sexual misconduct, not lying - using proper speech, and not using alcohol or drugs. The other pāramīs refer to other types of perfections but in some way they are included, I think. Friendliness for example would include the first three and truthfulness the fourth, but I don't see the fifth included. 

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