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I have been practicing Vipassana for a while and I have noticed that I'm more able to concentrate the mind if I don't say any mantra at all while noting, I just focus on something and observe it, is this a good practice? Or should I do the effort to say a mantra while noting?

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It's great that you are able to notice when the mind is concentrated and when it is distracted. In our tradition our main practice is to see things clearly. Concentration is not a primary goal in our practice; though concentration does develop over time as a bi-product of practice. I recommend using the mental word or mantra as described in our how to meditate booklet. It will help you see clearly what is happening. After you've been able to meditate in that manner for 1 hour per day (half walking and half sitting) I recommend taking an online course with Bhante. There is more to the technique than what is in the booklet and you can ask Bhante directly any questions you may have during your course.
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