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Intention is Karma, the intention and practice of veganism/vegetarianism out of compassion for animals is good karma.
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From my understanding, it’s kind to think of other beings but it’s really not necessary to go the extent of not eating meat unless someone prefers to.  You don’t want to be attached to the “ I am so great I don’t eat meat” self view, food is for sustenance and meat diets are healthy too and accessible to many - some people don’t benefit from meat based diets, some people don’t benefit from plant based diets. If you are anaemic you would struggle, same with if you rely on others to cook for you. So we must not side with any diet necessarily and choose due to personal circumstances. 

I say this as a vegetarian who used to take it way too seriously, eating to keep your body functional is the main purpose of food, and being mindful whilst eating it is the better approach. You want to look after it so you can practice, that’s why we eat,  compassionate eating is an extra part of it for those who have the drive and opportunity. But you can be more compassionate by buying free range,buying cruelty free products and eating less meat - doesn’t have to be full on vegan. There are other reasons people might not want to eat meat, wanting clearer complexions, weight loss, long life etc , but that’s unrelated to Buddhist teachings, which don’t encourage eating to beautify oneself or to try to outlive everyone. 

Sorry initially posted this as a comment, so have reposted it.

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This answer may also help with some prespective

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