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I am 36 years old single male suffering from lower back pain since 2008. I have been to many docotors but it didnt cured it completely. But during 10 day vippassana course of SN goenka i experienced freedom from this pain for good amount of time. Anyway, I have been very lustful since very young age to the point that i think this sensation on body at a particular location has become mithya samadhi for me. On careful observation i have realized i lean towards lust when i am stressed; and i get stressed due to job.(I have been working as an engineer since 2008). So my conclusion are that i should take break from work( i have never liked my work. recently understood that i have infp-t and 100%openness personality on OCEAN score), find a teacher, learn metta and asubha. It may help me.

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Here's a playlist explaining those practices by Bhikkhu Bodhi. Four protective meditations

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