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After learning about the dhamma and spending some time practising meditation, I find myself unable to get the motivation to pursue a worldly life. I became very disinterested in life to the point that all I could think about is giving up my lay life and trying to get ordained. Need some advice thanks!

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It's not as easy as you think. Strong thoughts of leaving the lay life can come to mind from time to time, but actually living a monk's life is way more difficult than thinking about it. It's best if you take vacation and stay in a meditation center or a monastery for several months to see if you are comfortable in being cut off from sensual pleasures and meditating most of the time. If not, go back to lay life and try again in your next vacation.
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I think there becomes a fine line, when one opens the eye of the Dharma where one sees the trivialities of the mundane life, society and existence itself, and one truly wanting to be liberated from it.

It is a difficult thing to balance and judge. Something you have to do yourself.

Firstly hiding yourself in a cave or joining a sagha in a monastery does not equate to freedom, the problems we experience will still follow us. Putting ourselves in situations like this are a means to an end, the means being ridding ourselves of idle burdens, the ends being a more conducive environment towards liberation.

Secondly we may not be able to, or are capable of living an ordained life. This is something you need to judge yourself. Multitude of issues can be a block towards this life, from coarse desires like strong sexual desire to even deeper desires like wanting to attain reputation. These are best to be worked upon first.

If anything the best we can do is continuously practice satipattana, meditate with intentions to attain jhana and work from there. If then after time we truly are ready and capable of leaving a householders life then this will arise (with effort) and we look for refuge in sangha to go forth. Until then, putting ourselves in a situation where we have a same mundane mind but with even more restrictions is just an extreme and will cause us more suffering.

Personally I would suggest not to embroil yourself in life too much. This is up to you how to gauge this, though of course external commitments like having children, a partner and even a career will only serve to keep your mind entangled within the mundane human existence, not serve to rid yourself of entanglements. Though in of themselves these things are not harmful either. It is again you to judge how "deep down the rabbit hole" you want to go.
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