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My person trusts that this question (as well as taking birth here) is welcome, as taken on vage trust.

As a 'disciple' would benefit a lot of good meditation instructions and possible living near, my person would like to ask where Bhantes current dwelling could be found, possible contact possibility as well.

Appreciation and mudita that you could 'finaly' gain a more proper place here for your skilful undertakings.

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Bante is in Canada

Here is the contact details:


His youtube:


I would just point out to you that as much good as bante is as a person, refuge in the dharma is all one needs, so there is no need to explore the world for a specific or popular teacher, one just needs the dharma and one can find this through study and practice. Any personal teaching for personal issues you have can be found closer to home via any experienced sangha jewel who knows the dharma and have conquered the defilements you are having issues with.

Bikkhu Bodhi has a wealth of knowledge on the 4 nikiyas that is readily available if you need help with study

The youtube:


Website for MN study:

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So good householder does not know where Bhante dwells bodily, right? It's not clear weather he dwells in the Khmer-Krom Monastery, having traced this as possible only physical address.
(And to possible correct a common total harmful idea: To gain Dhamma, relation, refuge into the other Juwels, foremost the Sangha (admirable friend) is very prerequisite. And yes, it's stated, that required to investigate wheather the teacher is free from defilements). How ever: appreciation for all kusala efforts.
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He is in Canada
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Pretty large isn't it, good householder, and also told that already. It nevertheless happens that some are actually near each other (as a matter of Upanissaya). Maybe good Remyla is to far or to less informed in this regard, to possible answer, of which is of course nothing to be blameable, yet Nissaya is different for all, no one equal.
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The full address of his centre is on his facebook page
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Sadhu for effort. So it might be that Bhante dwells in that row house at 12 Haynes Ct
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0
as Brah Google gives over there, in the facebook realm. https://www.google.com/maps/place/12+Haynes+Ct,+Niagara-on-the-Lake,+ON+L0S+1J0,+Canada/@43.1492978,-79.1757983,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x89d35aeceb22c8a1:0xb6b8ea9b794c456e?hl=en
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I guess so, they were looking for donations to buy a house as a centre.
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