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I recently watched you’re video about psychedelic drugs and am aware of your stance, but would it still apply to microdosing? There are many health/mental benefits and it isn’t intoxicating. Thank you!

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You are creating a substance dependance to gain the benefits that you can gain from different types of meditations. When in doubt ask yourself the question "Would the Buddha approve it?". In this case the answer seems to be a clear 'No'.
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Psychedelic drugs were a part of my past, and from experience I can tell you they are a very coarse and incomplete regiment compared to meditation combined with the Buddha's teachings.

They can put you in contact with similar places sometimes, but in a very deluded kaleidoscopic context. You may end up believing the celestial beings that can be encountered are more than what they are, or that the temporary and random access to the direct knowledges have some undue significance. They are just the fluxing of states as experienced any other time bound to impermanence, aging, and dissolution. It does not lead to the abolition of the fetters nor do the instances of "ego death" seem to stick in a meaningful way for most people. They go right back to clinging, or in some cases they cling even harder to things they just weren't aware of before.

As for microdosing: what do you think it will accomplish? Do you think it can do anything for you that the practice cannot?

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