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I recently learned about meditation by Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu, it is suggested that when one is walking one says "walking, walking, walking, walking..." to be mindfull and create a clear though, this can be done when doing other things like when one is brushing the teeths one can say " brushing, brunshing, brushing, brushing...", and so on to many other things.

Should this be done for activities like writting, studying or reading? As this requires more concentration I don't understand if it is benefitial to continue this practice while performing this tasks. If not what would other forms to be mindful and not to let the mind wonder during these tasks? I tried to focus on my breath for a many times but it doesn't seem to work I always get caught up in wondering in the mind and anxiety soon follows.

Thank you very much.

PS: I started practicing saying these words to myself a short time ago.

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Technically it's possible to be mindful when reading and studying. But you don't have to use the mindfulness technique with complicated activities like that. Trying to practice 24/7 mindfulness is something you can attempt if you are staying at a meditation center. Because you are not required to do everyday worldly activities then.

You can have dedicated time slots to practice walking and sitting meditation if you are practicing at home. This way it will not affect your important worldly activities.
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You are taking being mindful in a deviated manner.

In satipatthana sutta, you can find situational awarness; that means when you are reading your mind should be on that situation, same like as when someone says read carefully.

When you are reading just read nothing else. You are reading and you want to focus on your breath? But why? Focusing on abdomen rising falling or breath in out is advised when you are meditating.

And one more thing there is a difference between Right Mindfulness and Mindfulness.

You need not catch every thought as your practice, there are many suttas say to avoid, ignore or not paying attention.
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Could you please tell the names of those suttas, which say to avoid, ignore or not paying attention? I think it will be helpful for me to read them. Thank you very much.
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Mn 2 and 20 as far as i can recollect now
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Thank you very much for your reply.
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