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Hi friends,

I wonder if you understand this experience and how you dealt with this ,

Once in a while I have what  I can describe as tunnel vision. For example if I'm having painful physical sensations, I become irritable and want things to be a certain way, and have lots of negative thoughts about other people. Mostly because they aren't doing what I want them to do( to make me feel better), so they feel like a problem. It feels like tunnel vision in the sense that I also know it's not right or true , but also I am repeatedly thinking and acting another way. Its like being in some rut - a self-centred one, when I'm having lots of ideas  about "I want this, I need that", and it's colouring everything. I make poorer decisions during those times.

Maybe it's more of question about what helps you to restrain yourself in times when it's really tough to ?

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It is a well known observation that women generally get very emotional and irritable during menstruation due to hormonal activity and sharp physical pain. Even if you are referring to a different kind of pain, the mind has the potential to rise above all that and act gentle and kind.

A good starting point to strengthening the mind like that would be to firmly stand on the principle that whenever you feel angry, upset or sad, the fault is always within you. In other words, whenever you become upset, you are doing something wrong here and now. But the good news is you also have the capability to stop doing that here and now. Once you agree to that principle, it becomes easier for you to be mindful in unpleasant situations.

Tunnel vision is not a bad thing if you can apply it properly. Any situation you run into in life is simply eye & forms, ear & sounds, nose & aromas, tongue & flavors, body & tactile sensations, mind & thoughts. Nothing else! If you have that type of tunnel vision, you are less likely to get upset by painful or undesirable experiences.

On a more mundane level, you can also practice Metta(loving kindness) meditation on the go. Whenever you get upset at a person, mentally chant words of lovingkindness towards that person and block the anger from taking charge of the mind. This is hard at the beginning, but if you practice it for about a month, it becomes easy and really enjoyable.
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Thanks Sankha. Not all women do just for your information. I do not experience any physical pain during that. It was an interesting experience as I was not in pain but due  to some odd physical sensations , temporary heart issues for a week - it going dangerously high and low, I felt like I was dying, I wasn't.

This is  a really helpful answer though. I was thinking maybe theres a way I could learn to see the bigger picture during moments like this. But you've pointed out an important thing there i had not thought of , its not necessary tunnel vision, but the wrong type of tunnel vision. During formal meditation things were fine, no frustration, then the minute i was out and not doing formal practice i couldn't see things anywhere near how i did during meditation.

Also did try to do metta as normal but I struggled to even think one sentence of metta towards myself. Formal practice helped though whilst in it.
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You're welcome and wishing you good health! You can ignore the first sentence since it's not the case with you. Mettha is mostly about cultivating loving kindness towards others. Especially when you get irritated by a person. If you want a solution to the mental stress caused by physical discomfort, mindfulness is the best way to go. Especially if you can see the selfless nature of the body, you won't become upset no matter what happens to the body.
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Approaching the pain mindfully, and not avoiding it will likely help. Note "pain, pain, pain" and stay with it while noticing your reactions and tendencies. Avoiding others (if possible) until your mind learns to let go of the pain and see it only for what it is, might be a good idea.
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I would suggest not approaching this as a problem or seeing it as doing something wrong. These are experiences that should be noted and seen clearly. That's it.
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Thanks, it's good to know not to start looking for something else.
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