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Because when you meditate you escape from desire and attachment by refraining yourself from those unwholesome state of mind and i think you practice samatha, that is good but for all the time to enjoy that wholesome state of mind you have to cultivate insight, how desire and attachment lead you to sufferings. When you will experiencially understand that you should abandon those desire and attachments from root, your mind will be always calm, desireless. Always keep in mind four noble truth, 8 fold path and cultivate insight of how things are happening, then you will get rid off your cravings all the time. You have to take a firm determination to get nibbana.
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It's a gradual process. The more mindful you are, the less desire will arise in you. Giving up all attachments require you to be an Arahath. One day you will get there, if you meditate properly. Be patient and keep on practicing with diligence. 

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