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I was listening to a talk about food, contact, desire to act and consciousness.

Baby's flesh, flayed cow, being dragged to a burning pit and being stuck by spear.

Now if someone is meditating and happens to experience the jhanas, that is also an experience in consciousness which certainly cannot be considered wretched.   

I suppose, these are two different categories, one is spiritual in nature aimed towards liberation and the other is attachment to the body or is it that one needs to give up the jhanic kind too?
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This question is borderline incoherent. Are you simply asking if the Jhanas are important?

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Jhanas are on one hand a refined and remorseless dwelling, on the other, a tool and part of the path leading to an aim.

The first kind of food, when abound (as good householder speaks about the stages given in "A son's flesh") leads one beyond the sensual sphere of consciousnesses. The other four are more refined spheres. At least all consciousness need to 'be read', penetrated, fully, all kinds of food is required to get abounded for final release.

Important, how ever, to start with the gross food (being also requirement to come into the sphere of Jhana).

Not really two categories but more refined stages of investigation of consume and it's causes and effects to get total sober.

Once then good reading jhanic vinnana is read, yes, also those stages are required to get abond. Yet again, good to get them known first, otherwise all would be read wrong.

Many this days are trying it the other way around and quickly become long lost Ahara-hants.
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