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I feel being deliberate and mindful at work makes me slow, feels less involved at my work(though I feel focused) and less energetic. I used to be very active and fast at certain stuffs I do.  But now I dont feel like that if try to be mindful. I feel this is counter productive. I want to be mindful and calm but I also want to be fast and involved at my work(or in other words highly active)?

I understand that being mindful makes me less erratic and less stressed while I work.

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If being productive is your major concern, you can use mindfulness to increase productivity. Be mindful in the following situations and you can be really productive at work:

  • Wanting to pause work to gossip with friends.
  • Wanting to pause work to check social media, news, youtube ,sports etc.
  • Wanting to pause work to flirt with pleasurable company.
  • Becoming sleepy.
  • Getting depressed due to the workload or pressure from superiors.
  • Getting angry at a co-worker.
  • Daydreaming about future plans or what you may do in the weekend.

    In addition, you can also be mindful when going for lunch break or a refreshment break.
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Accepting you answer, and I also feel being mindful help me in other context. But the query is why do feel it is counterproductive, am I doing something wrong?
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Being productive, in a worldly sense, is not what this practice is about. It may actually lead you to be less productive because you're paying closer attention to experiences and being less driven by anxiety and desire.
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When you are pleasing the senses, you do not feel that you are wasting time. The hindrances can cause the mind to single out the activity that does not belong in that likable category when in fact the activities that affect your productivity are mostly related to pleasing the senses.
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