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I understand that to do good deeds and follow the path does now mean that others will offer me exactly what I offer in terms of goodness, fairness, and love. However, following experiences I feel to be personally unjust, despite doing my best, offering my best, and providing a sense of care with my interactions towards others, how do I overcome my raw and emotionally violent pangs of loss or embarrassment? It keeps me awake at night and it makes me immobile in moving forward. I feel helpless "knowing" human injustice is everywhere, always, and never-ending. If love and care will always exist with the same polarity of hate and harm, why offer the former at all? Through this balance, I feel angry and a strong sense of unfairness.

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Practice Metta(lovingkindness) meditation towards the people you like, hate and feel indifferent about regardless of what they are doing. Do it daily just before you go to sleep and also on the go as soon as you get angry. If done right, your problem can be fixed.
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