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First of all, I want to thank you for conveying the teaching of Dhamma. I watched your videos during periods of tough transformations, and it helped me a lot to recognize what's going on, and to resolve much of the suffering I have encountered.

Here's a little insight on my experience in practice. I have been practicing sitting meditation every day (with some short  since February 2020, starting with Goenka vipassana retreat in Sri Lanka. In May 2021, I visited another retreat in Crimea, where I learned satipatthana meditation from Thai Forest Tradition (combining walking and sitting meditation practices).

I feel now that I would like to serve as a translator. There's not much of Dhamma related materials in Russian, and I would like to convey the teaching to the people in my country who don't speak any other languages. English-Russian translation is my profession since 2011, and Russian is my native language. By combining my experience as a translator with continuous practice and interest in Dhamma, I think I could serve a great deal in spreading the teaching of Dhamma as you teach it in your videos. Of course, I offer my services completely free of any charge.

If you're interested, please, contact me via e-mail. Metta

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It's great that you want to help with the translation. We have a volunteer channel on our discord for translators. Please come and join.
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If you want translation services-related help then we are here to help you. Just visit here 

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