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May be difficult to fully elaborate my question so I will give an example.

If for eg I meditate on death, I would mentally contemplate on scenarios of death that would eventually give a feeling of fear that I would then focus on and keep my minds attention on single pointed.. So the intention of the meditation is death, the object is the feeling of fear and the "tools" used to induce and realize the fear are sensory perceptions, mainly, self auditory (inner monologue) visual (worldly scenarios) and feeling (of fear).

Using this example the intention of vipassana meditation I would assume is nirvana, but what is the object of the meditation and are sensory perceptions the tools used, and if so how are we to use these tools?

I hope I have explained my question with the example if not I will try to elaborate more in comments.

Thanks in advance.

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The objects of our meditation practice are the 4 satipatthana. The body, feelings, mind, and dhammas. You can read more here on how to practice with these 4 satipatthana: https://www.sirimangalo.org/text/how-to-meditate/
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