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Now you may say intention is karma/kamma but the results are important too ,meditative mindfullness is hard sometimes even I try to eat moderately and remain wakefulness and breath becomes shallow too.

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The results are completely out of our hands. We never know the actual external effects of our actions. For example, when we help others we may, unknowingly, be creating more problems for that person. Those problems may not become evident until much later.

So, in reality we never know all the results of our actions and we can never control those results because reality is uncontrollable. If this the case then what do we know for sure? If we are mindful we can always know our intentions. In fact, intentions arise before any bodily or verbal actions. Therefore the precepts are there to work together with right intention. It is intention that allows or prevents us from following of the precepts.

The Buddha's teachings require a different way of looking at reality. If you continue your mindfulness practice according to our meditation booklet you will see this clearly soon.
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It does not according to this explanation from "Going for Refuge & Taking the Precepts" (Bhikkhu Bodhi):

A complete act of killing constituting a full violation of the precept involves five factors: (1) a living being; (2) the perception of the living being as such; (3) the thought or volition of killing; (4) the appropriate effort; and (5) the actual death of the being as a result of the action. The second factor ensures that responsibility for killing is incurred only when the perpetrator of the act is aware that the object of his action is a living being. Thus if we step on an insect we do not see, the precept is not broken because the perception or awareness of a living being is lacking. The third factor ensures that the taking of life is intentional. Without the factor of volition there is no transgression, as when we kill a fly while intending simply to drive it away with our hand. The fourth factor holds that the action must be directed to the taking of life, the fifth that the being dies as a result of this action. If the life faculty is not cut off, a full violation of the precept is not incurred, though in harming or injuring living beings in any way its essential purpose will be violated.

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