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I had a dream that i was climbing an inclined hill, but it was the most dark cave that I was inside I was scrambling toward the smallest light at the top. I was aware of others behind me but I knew I could not help them. When I got to the top there was a small stone doorway and as I entered into the warmest light I was aware of being humble and overwhelmed with the power and presence of the massive golden head before me the energy lifted my head as i was on my knees and the head then lent forward to kiss me. It felt like acceptance from a high power. The morning I woke up from the dream I was happy for three days with an energy I had not felt before.

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I wouldn't read too much into these dreams. The mind has a way of creating imaginary content and connecting them with bits and pieces of random memories while we are asleep. Kissing is a sensual physical act. Any enlightened being above the level of Sakadagami would not engage in such activities, let alone the Buddha.

Try to be mindful of your thoughts and feelings whenever you are thinking about the Buddha.
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