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Hello Bhante,

As a long time monk, do you ever face feelings of loneliness, feelings of lacking something, tender feelings of possibly lacking someone?

I've spent all my 37 years somewhat alone yet I still find myself facing those feelings sometimes.

I'd find it interesting to hear what kind of a part, if any, feelings like these play in the lifes of the venerable members of the sangha, the monks.

Also, as a side question, I would find it interesting to hear if you have ever faced any doubts about the path you are on?

Best wishes,


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Hello, I am no monk nor someone who consider themselves as an expert but I'd like to attempt to answer since no one has answered.

From what I know, the feeling of loneliness, lacking something, or any feeling can arise. It is not about suppressing or eradicating the feelings (thoughts). It is about how to approach the feelings / thoughts through the buddhism/dhamma teachings (awareness, mindfulness, etc.). To see truth into the nature of how the mind is working, ultimately see the truth of suffering and how to subside the it in the moment.

Everyone, even monks, will face feelings and thoughts with each moment (doubt, etc.). It is part of the nature of the mind and suffering.
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