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Did you post this by mistake? If not, try to add a description or you might get down votes for this.
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Me toooo :) :)

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No. But, I'm working on it. ;)
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Me toooo :) :)
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Compared to few years back - most certainly. Compared to the highest form of happiness - not even close.

Also so far I have managed to refine my definition of happiness and improved my judgement to go about those. I also fail frequently.

Regarding happiness, I am convinced that:

  1. Long term happiness is better than short term - the ultimate being complete cessation of all suffering.
  2. Happiness that is independent on conditions is better than ones that depend on conditions.
  3. Happiness that is obtained without harming any sentient being is better than happiness obtained by harming sentient beings.
  4. Happiness that generates goodness all around is better than happiness that does not (e.g. through generosity)

Regarding judgement to go about the above, I am convinced that:

  1. Mindfulness is the key skill to refine - it helps understand my stupidity and the way I create suffering for myself.
  2. Reading, hearing, studying & practicing the theory relevant to #1, however inconvenient/counter-intuitive it may be. 
  3. Hanging out with people with good virtue and good judgement for their own happiness.
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I think my goal may have been happiness at the beginning and this path definitely allows access to happiness on a more consistent basis. But I think more importantly, there is less fluctuating between extremes of happiness and sadness. Through mindfulness you tend to develop an "okness" or acceptance of conditions whether they are positive, negative, or neutral. As that skill is honed, being mindful in and of itself generates positive states of mind i.e joy, equanimity. For instance, I just completed 45 minutes of sitting meditation and worked with sloth and torpor through 90% of the meditation. A year ago, I would have thrown a tantrum and stopped meditating. Now I can accept the situation for what it is and keep practicing which brings up some of those positive mind states, which includes happiness.
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No, but I'm not attached to happiness, so I embrace sadness and suffer as well and just observe them and listen to whatever they have to tell me, I let my emotions flow just as the four seasons contemplating and letting them go.
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It not about being always happy, its about being at peace and not panicking when u r unhappy. Thats true happiness.
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