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I have some issues with this because I'm currently working on video edition, due to my work and projects I'm in contact with lots of entertainment media, should I see this stuff as meditation objects?, should I quit?. Since I'm producing entertainment media, I'm I contributing to the delusion on other peoples minds? what's the Buddhist perspective about this? , if entertainment it's not compatible with meditation shall I decide between both or should I cultivate my work with meditation?
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Why do you want to quit?
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I think you are mixing up lay life with ordained life. Lay people are only expected to keep to the five precepts. So entertainment is not forbidden for lay people. If you try to mix up both lifestyles, you will run into lot of issues, confusions and possibly end up failing at both.

There is a reason why a separate community called the Sangha exists in the Buddhist society. It is to prevent lay life from interfering with the spiritual development. So if you are expecting considerable progress in Vipassana meditation, it's better to stay in a monastery or a meditation center, keep to the eight precepts and dedicate yourself to the cause within that period.

You have a higher chance of succeeding in Mettha(loving kindness) meditation if you want to meditate while still living a normal lay life. This is not to say that you should never do Vipassana meditation. But you would get better results if you do it living in the vicinity of an experienced teacher, away from the usual worldly distractions.
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Try to consider why you do this. Is it your intention to delude others? Or is it to earn money so you can pay bills?

It's not so much what you're doing as why you're doing it.

When it comes to meditation. The 5 precepts are enough. You don't have to keep more than the basic 5 to become sotapanna or sakadagami. So, I wouldn't worry if I were you.
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I can answer from my  experience as another lay person.

When I switched to a profession which involves helping others rather than one which was more sales oriented , my work became much more rewarding. It is good for most people to know they are  making a positive difference ( media can be positive media too,  those which promote morality , educate us about the Buddha meditation for example).

Additionally , when I got a job which allowed me more opportunities to meditate at work and outside of work my mental health improved. I felt better.

We do not need to look to any list of rules or refer to anyone else to see why some changes are good to make. Look at your own options. Are there healthier options for your physical and mental health then? Can you do them? If not there’s no need to worry, you can only do what you can. If you can then carefully plan towards them.

All the best :).
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