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Do you believe that we are conscious co-creators with our Creator who decide what happens in the world?

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1. There is no creator God in Buddhism.

2. There are no creators.

"ye dhammā hetuppabhavā tesam hetum Tathāgato āha tesañ ca yo nirodho, evamvādī Mahāsamano." -  Of those phenomena which arise from causes: Those causes have been taught by the Tathāgata (Buddha), And their cessation too.

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IMO, there is no creator.

 In childhood, I used to believe in a creator by faith,  then became agnostic (through the study of Sciences), and finally became aware of the Truth (from the Buddhist perspective)- That reality of how we see the world can only be through the experiences of our sense perceptions.  

Looking back I find it interesting to see how and why my perspective has shifted - Building gradual awareness of reality  (becoming more conscious of the nature of reality).  It makes sense to me that one has to be conscious to be happy, and there is a way to realise ultimate truth, through the Dhamma and cultivating wisdom
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