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I am not trying to mix traditions I am genuinely asking if these pracitices were actually taught by the historical person we know as Buddha? and if so what sutras were they disclosed in?

For brief understanding the vajryana is based upon esoteric practices revolving around using body energies.

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Vajrayana is a branch of Mahayana. So it definitely has elements of the teachings of the Buddha. But the Theravada school does not consider it as pure Buddhism. To give an analogy, a jeweller who offers the highest quality jewellery does not recommend other shops selling second hand low quality jewellery.

When someone offers you healthy nutritious food on a clean plate, if you ask the person "is it cool if I pick up the contaminated food on the floor and eat?" this would be similar to asking a Theravada teacher to recommend Vajrayana.
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I appreciate the input but it didn't answer the question at all.
I wasn't asking if it is cool to practice those methods, I was asking if Buddha taught the methods!
For eg, vajryana teachers I have met have proclaimed that the historical Buddha taught the vajryana methods. I have even read that Buddha taught the methods to specific householders.
What I am asking is if this is correct and if so what sutras are the methods explained in?

My assumption is that these traditions like to proclaim that the teachings are from the historical Buddha, by even going as so far as saying that it is our Buddha-nature that is the source of the teachings (regardless of who actually taught it, similarly to the heart sutra) so by proxy that it was the historical Buddha who taught the methods, as a homage.
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Then you would have to mention a specific teaching or practice in detail and ask if it is in accordance with the Theravada teachings. Otherwise you would be basically asking to catalogue all Vajrayana teachings that are common with Theravada teachings.
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Anuyoga tantra for example.
The teachings upon generating oneself as a different entity then using sexual arousal as an energy to gain true insight into reality.
My example is vague but to the essence of the practice.
Did Buddha teach such practices of harnessing imagination/visualization and life forces and/or sexual arousal as a means of spiritual development and if so what sutras?

I know there is a lot of Buddhist sutras and you yourself may not be a scholar but one would assume if such a topic was present in the historical Buddhas teachings it would be quite a recognizable and memorable topic.
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Not that I have heard of and judging by my understanding of the Dhamma it sounds like a complete disfiguration/distortion of the teachings.
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I would agree that it is a distortion too. Though the practises are being used by Buddhists and often explained as if the historical Buddha taught such practises.
Don't get me wrong that I am berating these people or the practices, far from it, it is just that I would personally like clarification of such claims rather than to just believe such claims. As well as reading scriptural knowledge from traditional Buddhist sources if the practices were indeed from the historical Buddha.
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I doubt if there is any Theravada scriptural source that says such teachings come from the Buddha. Other schools may have Sutras claiming that, but those are not accepted as the teachings of the Buddha by the Theravada school.
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