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This is not a question. This is to provide some useful guidelines to users in order to improve the quality of the questions posted on this site.

  1. Make sure the title of the question matches the description.
  2. Do not post title only questions without an accompanying description. 
  3. Make sure your post is really a question and not just sharing of opinions.
  4. Do not ask multiple questions in the same post unless they are closely related.
  5. Do not ask new questions in the comment section unless they are directly related to the question/answers. Create separate posts for unrelated new questions. 
  6. Avoid including irrelevant sentences in the description. The sentences accompanying the question should serve the purpose of providing context or clarifying the question to keep it short and on point. 
  7. Do not post comments for a given answer as a new answer. 
  8. The answers given in this site are expected to be in accordance with the Theravada tradition. So make sure your questions are not based on teachings of other schools. 

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Something for the developers to take note.

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The guidelines should have a place somewhere else on this forum.
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Something for the developers to take note.
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