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Hi, when I try to focus on breathing and the stomach I can't stop controlling my breathing. I know breathing must not be forced or controlled, just observed, how could I avoid to do that.

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So, you've discovered that you can't control wanting to control your breath. Good for you. The breath does its own thing. So does the mind. What you see is that the mind is immediatly trying to control things as soon as it becomes aware of them. What you see is basically the minds habit to take ownership of things.

Realise that this 'how can I avoid this or that' also falls under trying to control. See how deep this controlling thing goes? The mind tries to control everything. If it's not the breath, then it is the way it relates to the breath, the surroundings, other conditions, persons, or something else and so forth. The habit of trying to do, trying to control needs to be seen and understood deeply.

I'd say your practice is fine. Keep seeing and studying what's happening in the mind as reaction of becoming aware of things.
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Thanks for your answer. I've been thinking about my issue, I force my breathing because I'm not able to notice it, so unconsciously I control it to notice it better. Also, another reason would be that it is the result of some anxiety. I'll accept it, and maybe with the practice the grip of the mind will be loosened. Also I would try to focus my attention in the body sensations  instead of just in my breathing.
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When you don't notice your breath  just look at what else there is. There is always something  that is noticed in the present moment. If it's not the breath, then maybe the minds attention is directed at its own state, like f.i. calmness or contentment. The mind is never without an object. 'Trick' is to figure out what it is aware of.
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