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If we place ourselves in situations where a certain ego manifests itself more strongly than usual, then we would have more material to gain insight into and therefore speed up the process of its understanding and elimination, no?
Ex: Fasting, reluctantly giving up pleasure to suffer from withdrawals, sleep on the floor without a pillow, waiting in line and when its our turn go to the end of the line (repeat) etc. to see how the desires etc. works in a much more intense way.

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  1. Ego is not an aggregate. Ego is simply a variation of the concept called 'self'. But there are Cetasikas(mental factors) called Ditthi(wrong view) & Mana(conceit). They belong to the 4th aggregate grouping. 
  2. No you do not need to torture yourself. Self mortification is one of the extremes the Buddha rejected. Read the Dhammacakkappavattana sutta for more details.
  3. Freedom from suffering is the goal in Buddhism. To achieve that, you simply need to cultivate the noble eight fold path.


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