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I have been practicing meditation for two years using a style aimed at focusing on the nostrils and noting thoughts without words, I have decided to practice using yuttadhamos method as I clearly see the benefits of insight through continual noting. I have been having difficulty in adopting this new style and keep unconsciously returning to the old method, I realize this, note it and return to the abdomen.

Any thoughts or advice on making this transition smoother would be greatly appreciated.

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You're doing it right, just be patient, habits take time to change. And also consider taking an at home course, it would provide a much better introduction to this technique.

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Note the knowing that it has gone back to the nose. Then note the possible worry/frustration that arises when you notice that it has gone back to the nose. Then notice the wanting to take it back to the abdomen. Then mindfully switch back to the abdomen. Then note the knowing that it has switched back to the abdomen.
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In case you are not aware, Bhante Yuttadhammo offers a free at home meditation course where he meets once a week online and guides one in their practice. It also has some more instructions than what's given in the booklet as one advances in the course. Both these factors may help in transitioning. the link for the course is here https://meditation.sirimangalo.org/course
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