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Whilst I understand it would not lead to freedom from suffering,

I would just like to know if it’s very common (Not from passive mindful observation of habits for clarity, but rather, sending messages telepathically).


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Buddhahood after Arhatship.
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Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu :)
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You do not need to be enlightened to be Telepathic. Even non-Buddhist meditators can achieve it. Magical powers like telepathy, clairvoyance etc. are developed based on the Jhanic power. One needs  to master the 4th Rupa Jhana and use it as a base to develop these powers. Visuddhimagga has more details.

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Thank you, Sadhu :)
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You're welcome!
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It is very common, as far as I'm concerned. It's part of the path. So, anyone on the path (stream enterer and higher) will develop extraordinary states to some degree. Though, I doubt that they are interested in it. But, since they are more concentrated things 'normal' people don't see/hear/experience will happen naturally for them. Think of knowing things beforehand, knowing past lives, seeing ghosts etc.

Mind you, messages go in two directions. One will not only send but also receive all sorts of sense impressions, ideas and thoughts.
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