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If a person aligns with the truth completely and achieves Arhatship, he does not have circumstances to teach others neither any responsibility(taking care of child, old parents, etc,) then he will simply pass away. Clinging to body/formation and survival is of no use after one's mind is purified of ignorance, desire and hatred(all attachments dropped). The person will simply exit formation/body into parinibbana(full release). End of the cycle, end of the suffering.
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If that is the case, I would suggest you to form the question in that way in future posts.

Ex: "I have this belief regarding a certain question. Can anyone please tell me if what I'm believing in is true?"

But if you post a question and say "This is my answer , I know it is true and truth is the truth whether anyone agrees with me  or not", that generally gives the vibe that it is useless for someone else to provide an answer as your mind is shut off and not ready to absorb anything new or give up any false view.
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I hv no doubt in the truth.

It is my friend who has some doubt thats y I posted here because he is reading all the comments.

I am open to drop the false views and accept the truth.
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Since your friend is reading the comments I will give you both something to think about. See if he is more open minded.
You mentioned that the only reasons why an enlightened being would live on are
1. to spread the Dhamma
2. to take care of a sick person.

Now think about Pacceka Buddhas. They are unable to teach the Dhamma and they usually leave the community and go to the forest to live a solitary life after being enlightened.  So they do not fall under either of the reasons you have given. Yet they do not end their lives.
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go & live in the forest to do what ?
to persue what ?

No Arhat will continue to live without any legitimate reason because samsara is not a wonderland, its playground of suffering.

In fact no being will continue to live unless there is some attachment.

We do not wish to continue the conversation, we are content with the answer.
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If you are denying the existence of Pacceka Buddhas, you are denying the Dhamma. If you are not denying, thinking about the life of Pacceka Buddhas should be enough to drop those false views if at least one of you is open minded.

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There are 3 types of craving:

  1. Kama Tanha - Craving for sensual pleasures
  2. Bhava Tanha - Craving for becoming
  3. Vibhava Tanha - Craving for non-existence 

To commit suicide, one needs to have Vibhava Tanha. Arahants have uprooted all craving. So they do not have a desire to end life.

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