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News reads that 17million minks are to be/ have been culled in Denmark, due to coronavirus transferred from humans. Coronavirus mutates within these animals, and potentially makes any possible future vaccine for humans less effective, posing a huge risk to human lives.


1) Minks are bred for their fur and will die anyway.

2) We don’t cull infected humans over the fear they will infect us.

3) The intention is to save human lives at the expense of the lives of Minks.

4) Humans created the conditions that gave rise to the problems in the first place.

5) Do something - do nothing, think something, think nothing.

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Any kind of killing makes a big impact on our minds. Not killing or harming other beings is one of the Buddhist precepts. It's there for two main reasons. The first being if we dedicate our time and effort to finding freedom from suffering we must also make a commitment to not cause suffering for ourselves or others. The second reason is because it damages the mind and gives rise to future states of anger, depression, guilt, etc.
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Observe suffering and let karma take its course?  What about activism?
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Observe the four foundations of mindfulness. Buddhism is not interested in nor does it recommend getting involved in activism. Usually, but not always, activism is based on wrong view. One group fighting another over conceptual ideas. We view reality not as groups, or people, or countries, but as moments of experience.
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There is no justification for killing regardless of your reasons. One must understand that Karma is a natural phenomena and not a judgement of a God. To give an analogy, take another natural phenomena like fire for example. Does fire consider your reasons for coming into contact with it before it burns? If an infant unknowingly touches something hot, can you expect him not to be burned because he does not know better? Similarly Karma is a natural mental process that you cannot escape by justifying.

What you can do about the killing of minks ? You can voice your opinion against killing. Educate people on how wrong it is. But it has to be done with compassion. If you feel like you are getting upset or angry, step back and be mindful of your own mental states until you regain your composure. You can also practice Upekkha and be neutral to what is happening in the world.

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