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When someone attacks us, it is not always possible to defend only using compassion & truth, sometimes aggression and getting angry is neccessary for defence. But if we use anger then we are no not in line with teachings.

Also, to defend the self, there has to be a self but self is an illusion, this also shows that defence is not possible.

If we are defending body, this means we have attachment to the body.

If we are defending verbal abuse this means we have attachment to mind states.

Attachment to body & mind, attachment to defence is leading to suffering.


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Try keeping the 5 precepts, at a minimum, and practicing the Satipatthanas. Then you can see your anger clearly and how it affects your mind. You'll also be able to respond correctly to situations because you will see what is actually happening. Anger arises because of our uncontrollable mental reactions. These reactions have ignorance as their cause. Ignorance is the misunderstanding of what is actually happening. If we view the world as objects and entities then anger arises. If we see clearly that reality is just moments of experience, over time, the habits will cease.
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