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I don’t purposely kill any living beings, but when I come across a dying beetle or injured bug or animal I feel such deep sadness and despair about what a miserable existence this is: eat, sleep, suffer, cause suffering, and die. One can’t even walk outside without accidentally crushing an ant or a snail. Is there some way to look at this from a different perspective? Am I missing something?
Thank you for your time, Bhante.

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It is wisdom to see the wretchedness of life. It leads you to change your perspective and focus your mind in ways that lead to true peace and happiness, once you realize that the way of the world does not lead there.

What is important is that you face the feelings and thoughts you have, the sadness and despair, and the wanting to get away from it. The only way to become truly free from suffering is to understand it completely.
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Thank you for your response.
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> wretchedness of life

it's miserable, no law no order, anything goes, nothing can be assumed, things bite back in the worst of ways, things go to dogs no matter how hard one tries :(
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Suffering, suffering....& more suffering...beings trapped in samsara due to attachments. Drop the attachments, aim for nibbana, emulate Buddha.
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