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Im 40 years old. Although not so unfit physically, i cannot sit down cross legged and meditate because i have strained my left knee forcibly trying to meditate in the lotus position over the years. Because of the same reason, im not so comfortable meditating on a chair or in standing position. Meditation on chair strains my knee and standing posture meditation also causes a lot of pain and discomfort. So,

1. Is there a way to get rid of all these through meditation itself?

2.because of the above reasons, the only option im left with to meditate is lying down. However, when I lie down and meditate, i doze off!

Any solution to this?

Any way to meditate lying down and still not fall asleep???
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I see that you've asked the question about falling asleep when meditating in another post. Please consolidate your question into one post and delete the other.

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-try keeping the eyes open when u lie down.

- beaware of sleep if u fall asleep.

- use recliner may b & focus on breathing.
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