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Explaination of the 5 khandas & how we are attached to them.
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Things that you can simply google should not be questions. Try to ask something specific.
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I could not understand its implication from google, I would really appreciate if you stop flagging my posts. I hope this is an open platform where people can ask and say what they want without being marked down and criticized.
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This question would be analogous to asking "what are the five precepts and their implications?". It is too general. Some of your other posts are flagged due to being duplicates. Flagging and marking down are tools used to help improve the quality of the content on this platform. Do not take the downvotes personally. They are merely suggestions to the author and admins that perhaps the post should be reviewed.
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The 5 khandhas are:

1. Form

2. Feeling

3. Perception

4. Mental formations

5. Consciousness

Your experiences are your reality. Not somebody else's experience; your experience. Reality is moments of these experiences. These experiences are made up of the 5 khandhas. Every experience has a form, a feeling, a perception, a mental formation, and a consciousness. Because experience is arising and passing away every moment (impermanent), not satisfying, and uncontrollable we can see that none of these khandhas individually or as a group is a self. Because we don't truly understand this we get attached to the idea that there is a self in the khandhas.
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