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If it does not prevent students from studying and passing exams, it should not affect meditation whatsoever.
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So You've seen people practicing with waves around gaining benefits and reaching to higher states?
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Radio waves have been bombarding us since the 20th century. I haven't heard of any meditation teacher complaining about them.  A mosquito or a fly in the room could potentially be more of a distraction than any wifi or radio signal.
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I'll be glad if you ask Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu about it and tell me the result.I couldn't access his email.
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He can see these questions. He would answer as he gets time  if he thinks a question merits a response.
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Actually, I think it might have an effect on the heart.  I usually turn my phone to airplane mode when meditating. So if there are no closeby phones searching for signals I wouldn't worry about the neighboring wawes. Definitely not Wifi.

That said, it shouldn't be detrimental to insight practice in general. Increasing heart rate is just a symptom that may prevent having strong concentration, but not insight.
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If you have one mobile and a wifi at home it won't affect but if you are somewhere where it's a hub of waves(wifi, mobiles, etc.) then it can affect your mental and physical health.
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