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I've been meditating daily for a couple of months. I've been noting "rising, falling, hearing, pain, happy, calm and ..." but cannot note the thoughts!

Thoughts do arise! Quite often too! But by the time I notice and start to note them, they're gone and if I note "distracted, thinking, doubting, or ..." it would be incorrect(?) because the thought would be gone the moment I start to note it. 'I was doubting, I am not now!'. Noting the gone-by thoughts creates a disconnect from reality since what I am noting is not of my present state.

As if the noting and thinking cannot exist simultaneously.

If I do note them, it feels like a whack-a-mole game in my head! When I note, the previous thought is gone and when I stop noting, the new one arises. I usually bring my attention to the rising and falling and try to ignore my thoughts.

Am I suppressing my thoughts albeit unintentionally? Is this normal for the mind of a tunnel-visioned beginner?

Regards :)

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Mindfulness is about reminding of what just happened. So it is indeed done after the thought is gone. You are just reminding that this is what really happened. It reduces the chances of ignorant interpretations/fabrications.

At the beginning you will be slow to catch thoughts as soon as they arise, but if you keep practicing, you will be able to be mindful immediately after they arise. Just like how in a whack-a-mole game, a first time player would be too slow to catch them. The difference is, it's not about whacking the thought or suppressing. It's about remembering that it's just thinking, nothing more, nothing less.
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