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Hi, meditation has been increasingly difficult for me. There are numerous things that happen that I have tried to stay mindful of, but so many things happen at once at my current living quarters. It's hard to be mindful about everything, one second I am focusing on the sounds of the shower, the next second my mother and her boyfriend talking loudly, and of course the numerous bodily feelings and my breathing; even the feeling of stress is difficult to be mindful of. Help.

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If you haven't read the how to meditate booklet please do so. As far as the practice goes, just try to note whatever is most prominent at the moment. You don't have to note them all. But once you pick something try to note it until it goes away. If it doesn't go away after some time just return to the rising and falling of the stomach. Also, try to note any liking or disliking that arises. Note any frustration or disappointment that may arise as well.
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Try a different meditation technique, try focusing on breathing or movement of the stomach while breathing.
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Try not to recommend other traditions or practices on this website. Not that there's anything wrong with other traditions or practices but we don't want to create confusion as to what our practice is.
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