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How many years does it take to truly get rid unwholesome mind states such that the possibility of anger, greed etc does not arise?

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Technically an unwholesome mind state lasts less than 17 thought moments. The 7 Javana Cittas and the deciding Citta that precedes them are the only unwholesome part in a single unwholesome experience. 

If you are talking about removing the possibility of unwholesome mindstates ever arising, it is said that if you practice Satipatthana meditation with diligence, dedication and proper guidance, you will be able to uproot all possibilities of unwholesome mindstates arising within a minimum of seven days and a maximum of seven years.

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Thank you so much Sankha. That is comforting to know that one can get rid of these with right effort.
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Not just right effort. Right effort, right view, right mindfulness, right speech, right livelihood etc. etc. Read about the noble eight fold path.
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