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My grandparents are both healthy and fine. Even though they are already 70+ years old they are still working to provide source of income for me to live a good life. I am currently 19 years old and i help them with the family business selling fish in the market.

Sometimes when i think about them eventually is going to pass away. I feel sad and then i cry. I can recall how i behave badly in the pass and being very naive.

As a grandson, how can i...

1.) Prepare myself to deal with their death.

2.) How should i deal with my emotions

3.) How can i contribute or at least not causing suffering to them.

They are like my actual parents to me.

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  1. Do Satipatthana meditation
  2. Do Satipatthana meditation. It's the best antidote for sorrow. 
  3. Treat your grandparents with Metta(kindness), Karuna(compassion), Muditha(sympathetic joy), Upekkha(equanimity).
  4. Consider finding a profession that does not fall under wrong livelihoods
  5. Introduce Buddhism to your grandparents, teach them the five precepts, introduce them to meditation if they listen to you. 
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I will try my best... Thank You
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You're welcome!
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