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As I am new to walking meditation, I was wondering how to find out if I am doing the meditation correctly? This is my Day 5 of walking meditation. I walk slower and slower as the time goes. By the end of my meditation, I feel as if I am too relaxed and calm as if about to sleep. I want to know if this is correct and to be expected. Is there something wrong with my practice?

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One of the benefits of walking meditation is ‘building endurance’. If you feel too relaxed and about to fall asleep during ‘walking’, 

May I recommend:

Bhante Yuttadhammo’s teaching and demonstration on how to do Walking meditation.  

Hope this helps :)

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Harmony - Thanks for answering. Endurance is not an issue for me. I do walking meditation for only 20-40 minutes so far. Actually I have ran half marathons (21 kms) and when I regularly walk, I walk for 1.5 hours or so. I am also a yogic meditator for a long time but this walking meditation is new to me.

One day I walked in meditation few years back (without any process) just being fully aware of all sensations of my feet as I took each step. I was super blissed out. But I never tried doing that afterwards.

I have been wanting to learn proper walking meditation and Indeed, I learnt this new walking meditation from the monk's video. But I am wondering if I am walking too slow. I am concentrating on every step though, just a very relaxed kind of state. So not sure. It is also not like a super blissed out state.
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My first experience of meditation was that of a retreat I accidentally fell into many years ago..  I was taught to walk and use movement at a very slow Robotic pace, pausing my foot and leg movement in motion. Unfortunately, it seemed very controlled and unnatural, more like a balancing act involving too much concentration,

I find natural movement at a slow enough pace for the mind to be with the movement of the foot (from beginning to end) in the presence (demonstrated in the video) worked best for me.
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1. Walking meditation is correct if your mind is with the foot most of the time (70-80%), and you can also clearly note the distractions of the mind. Stop and note.

2. The pace should feel not slow and not fast either. So it should be balanced out.


- If you feel sleepy it means there is not enough energy/effort. It may happen because of a strong concentration, but it just may be that you are not mindful of the mind wandering. This means the pace is too slow.

- If you feel restless then one should slow down because it is probably too much effort.
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1.  Walking meditation is done correctly if the mind sent is with each movement of the foot (from beginning to end) and noting can be done with the movement in the presence.  If feelings or thoughts become a distraction, slowly come to a standing posture and note, until it goes away.

2.  The pace should be such that the mind is with each movement of the foot clearly, and be able to note each movement in the presence..

If you feel sleepy it means there is not enough effort in sending the mind to be with the foot in the presence.

If you feel restless, perhaps come to a standing posture, and note the feeling until it goes away.
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Thank you both for your insights!
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