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If meditation It's about moments of mindfulness, can you be mindful at doing these things, I also notice sometimes that I'm really mindful when playing difficult games, it is also needed a lot of concentration, so can you develop mindfulness and concentration by these things as long as you don't create an attachment, and also by adding "liking" to the noting? can this be considered vipassana?
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May I suggest taking time aside to watch these videos on oWhat is meditation, and how to meditate.   

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I think there should always be a distinction between meditation and activities surrounding daily life, particularly entertainment like video games, music, television, etc. It's also worth mentioning that concentrating on objects is not the goal of vipassana, which is more about seeing things clearly as they are moment to moment and re-affirming those moments with sati. There is a lot that goes into playing video games: seeing, hearing, sensations in the hands, liking, disliking, emotions, thinking. In order to make this a meditation exercise, you would have to be aware of all these different things about once a second while playing the game, but this is still also sort of problematic because you won't entirely be able to disentangle yourself from the desire to meditate while playing video games.

In short, while any experience can (and should) be noted through the four satipatthanas, the purpose of formal practice is to limit sensory input and avoid attachment surrounding concepts. I hope this has been helpful and accurately represented the dhamma.
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Thank you.  Sadhu
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I would first consider clearing the concepts of wrong mindfulness and wrong concentration.

We would call Wrong Concentration focusing on videogames. Why? Well, because you are not looking at reality. You are not learning anything about reality. You're not clearing up your mind from defilements and getting free from suffering. On the contrary, you are indulging and clinging to your addiction.
You may have moments of mindfulness like you said. So there are many moments, if these wholesome moments would increase during you playing videogames, it may actually have the result of you becoming disenchanted and letting it go.
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