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I am very new to mindfulness meditation and have been a long time practitioner of Pranayama (Yoga). Sometimes I enter into thoughtless state where even breath ceases as I do mindfulness meditation.

The reason I wanted to do mindfulness meditation was to purify my mind further and to always retain an un-clutched state of mind. It is very useful as I notice any clinging and negative mind states right away and observe everything. However, I am not sure how to handle these thoughtless states during mindfulness practice. Any insights?

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Hello (from a meditator)  

If you haven’t already, may I suggest reading the booklet found on this link.

How to Meditate

It will just take time and practice to adjust to the ‘natural’ nature of mindfulness meditation (just observe, note the experience, and put the attention back on the rising and falling of the stomach).

There is an Online meditation course if you are not already on it, and also a ‘live‘ QnA on meditation practice on YouTube twice a week that I find useful. (Wednesdays and Saturdays-dependent on where you are).

Hope this helps

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Thank you so much. What is happening when I try to practice mindfulness is I am reaching concentration on breathing spontaneously instead of observing the rising and falling.  The accompanying cessation of breath is  the result of long term practice of Pranayama and other kinds of yogic meditation. The state is stillness, which is a desired yogic state.

But the issue is there are some mental defilements (kleshas) and observing them will give me some ability to modify my thought patterns.

Once I get out of stillness, I notice I am still (but no longer still) , so it is indeed "thinking" after that point. This is my third day of practicing mindfulness. I will give it some more time. I feel like I am learning a new skill like cycling. I am bound to fall many times as I try to find the balance.

Thanks for your detailed answer. Will read the link too for any doubts.
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Oh I see, stillness -sorry didn’t quite understand the yogic tradition. Best to observe that.

Thank you and good luck
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