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I'm practicing celibacy as I wanted to begin "At home course". But I ended up having Wet dreams day before yesterday and I'm feeling guilty due to this. How this is viewed in Buddhism or Spiritually? Please help.

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Dreams do not break celibacy. However these dreams could be caused due to you keep thinking about sexual acts, watching tv shows, dramas arousing such thoughts etc. during the day while you are awake. In any case, merely keeping to the precepts is not enough. You have to guard your mind as well. I would suggest practicing Patikulamanasikara meditation as a supplementary meditation in addition to the mindfulness meditation.

Also, before you go to sleep, chant the Nine virtues of the Buddha. After that, practice mindfulness while lying on the bed and let yourself fall asleep naturally instead of trying to sleep. 

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Thank you for your answer. I'm do not have sexual thoughts, i'm feeling as I'm trying to be celibate I'm suppressing the lustful thoughts and my sub conscious mind puts it on me during my sleep.
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Stay away from sensory stimuli that provoke such thoughts. Ex: watching tv, entertainment,  mingling  with people who are not celibate.
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