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How to process and respond to the miracles performed by religious people like telling our past and claiming to solve our problems with their religious rituals?

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It's not necessary as a Buddhist to respond to those. There are so many charlatans out there who simply trick people to make money. Some are really resourceful and good at that craft. If you are a Buddhist, you have the refuge of the Triple Gem. So you do not need to go after such people. Besides, the real miracle is getting rid of the cause of suffering and experiencing Nibbana.
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Indeed. Thank you for the guidance.
I also ment to ask, how to deal with our family members, relatives, friends etc who are influenced by such miracles and indulged in rituals?
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Introduce them to Buddhism. Tell them not to be so engrossed with achieving material things and allow themselves to be swindled by charlatans. Whatever they gain will not last more than 100 years. They are all going to die soon no matter what ritual they perform.
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You are amazing... forgive me...
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