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i know that the wanting for nibbana is a good thing, and not a mere thana for the texts.

the buddha said that is possible to reach it in 7 years but also in 7 days.

the logic and rationality of the meditation, bhavana, cultivating and training of the mind is also science based, with changing of the brain and mind structure.

It's a bit egotistical, but i started to believe that this goal is the most important thing to do in this life. I don't know if I reached some levels of insight, but i started to se see more the dukkha in the things, and knowing that there is a path to end dukkha this elicitate my thana.

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Don't be impatient in your practice. Don't anticipate results or be in a hurry to get to a state. Keep practicing according to the instructions given by the teacher without modifying. As your faculties gradually become matured with the practice, you will get there one day.
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Thank you for your answer.
With Metta
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Don't worry about labels or attainments. The Buddha's path to lasting peace is about letting go, not endlessly trying to attain things. Come in from the battle for a while. When you really give up it all starts to come together.
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Thank you for your answer.
Yes everything is about letting go. Is the 16* and last step of Anapanasati.
But to reach more likely Sotapanna, you practice intensively(lettin go and what every different tradition say) trying to foster momentum in an intensive retreat, and then you possibilities increase right?! Of course if you continually think about it also during the retreat the possibilities diminish.
Metta to you all
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If you can see that nibbana is a mere cessation of defilements and phenomena, not an accumulation of qualities and phenomena. Nibanna experience will happen naturally via practice.
The first experience is where you can state you have attained right view and are a sotapanna.
So to experience this you need to practice. Practice mindfulness consistently, practice meditation, study and build a  dharma mentality, as well as making your life less complicated so that it is more conducive to able you to practice.
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