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As it is custom to ask for leave or at least let it be known in this tradition and under people of integrity (monks are even required to do so), having received certain hospitality, my person thought to try to dedicate a question as frame for such.

Maybe some of yours like to make use of this space when up to walk on, and others might be able to make good use of such departure.
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I suggest you get assistance  from someone who has better English. Because your questions are mostly incoherent.

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valued Upasaka, Upasika, dear Seeker,

It's good now to walk on. Appreciation for many small good deeds and may all your good undertakings always bear their fruits quick and trace-able, so that faith in skilful soon increases to it's fullness.

metta & mudtia
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I generally "lurk" on this site, rarely speak, but greatly value many of the discussions that are contained here. The only reason I comment now is to suggest, with greatest respect, that you strive to speak less and listen more; your posts make almost no sense, at least in English, and often give one the feeling that you have an overinflated sense of your own knowledge and attainments. Perhaps in your native language this is not the case, but in English it is.

Wishing you all happiness,

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