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(someone told rightly: Dhamma (teaching concepts) are substitutes, so...)

...if there is something that could act as substitute for Dhamma. What could be ones substitute 'lover'?

What's the reason of steady required to seek out for substitute relay?
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I do not speak German so I cannot help but maybe copy pasting the English sentences from your question into the Google translator, translate into German then you manually correct them, copy paste back to translate to English may help.

Or if very important, type here in German and I can either use a translator and translate for you or ask a translator on  reddit to translate it.
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That's common way of substitute of what wouldn't hold. But the question is whether there would be a real substitude, one which wouldn't fail, and at first place, would not take on not given, to arrive, gain.
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Common substitutes usually increases debts, and do not lead to release either. So which Dhamma, as a substitute to relay on, will lead to real? (Appreciation for offer to take on debts. Yet not needed to work through here)
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Still does not make sense, neither does the original questions title for context.
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Is sense something relay-able or does sense steady require to take on a new substitute, good householder, does any sense hold? What would be relay-able "non-sense" and good to take on as replacement. How to overcome senseholder state?

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