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What could you do to get Bhante Yuttadhammo and other Venerables, to leave the dangers in the realm of trade, of Brah Google, Brah Facebook & Co, and make use of this possible given environment, lead other, by it, also out and try to leave home before engaging in Dhamma?

Could you provide possible missing possibilities?

Might he, others, fear that you wouldn't follow into remote areas?

Does enviroment here lack access to the four necessaries, has improper design,...?

Is there no care-taker of the area here and so fearing to be much to busy with administration, care... (something Brah google, facebook, manage for a deal)?
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Looks like many wouldn't like Bhante to answer here, given the expressed announce... But at least the question wasn't "do you like Bhante to leave the realms of trade and teach here" but how to paven all for such.

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