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As in Dhammic spheres, and proper to pay certain respect by introduce one, at least by one's face: Whould the be a possibility to add such in participators accounts (in an upload way)?

Aside of helping to address each other proper, it whould release from dangers of faults by monks (as to teach Dhamma to one with signs of to less respect) and also prevent from dangers for lay follower.

Maybe there are also ideas on ways to proper approach, great, pay regards or introduce, for those wishing to give that generosity.

Addition: As proper pointed out by good householder Isouza: Knowing others, aside of the Sila of proper regard, is helpful to seek orientation. Therefore things like age, practice (Sila, duration) and gender are also importand, aside of getting known ones teacher (instructor to the Gems).

(My person wrote a little on the matter times ago, and it might be helpful to understand the point: Avatar and User placements)

[btw: for some reason, select text in the editor, at least with used android, doesn't work: maybe good to have a topic on such]

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Are you using google translate to translate your questions from your native language?
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I believe you are asking how to introduce oneself personally on this site? If so, there is a way to upload a personal picture via some application called “Gravatar,” though I have not tried this myself. If you navigate to your user profile in the top right of this page you will see.
I also agree that introductions could be a good way to help other seekers with accountability, as it is common practice to confess to higher ones on this path so as to gain insight and guidance. It is challenging to be isolated and maintain right view; if you would like to do so, surely others on this site will extend a listening ear; I am by no means advanced in my path but am willing to be a friend, if that is what you seek.
Thank you; blessings
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Sadhu for good thought. My person wouldn't encourage others to get in contract with a worldly undertaking to be able to intoduce oneself to meet the Gem, in order to free oneself from all Gravatars. That why it was encouraged. And it's right, good householer, that nothing more of good support outwardly then good association.
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From the other post Samana posed about introducing himself, I clicked the link on what he posted and followed the website, it seems as if he, and/or his sangha has created a rudimentary translator for the website. It looks as if Samana himself is typing German/Austrian and it seems it is being translated poorly to English via that websites translator.
I assume visa versa so maybe he is not understanding the answers/questions correctly from those of us who type in English.

Google translator would be more convenient to use as it is well more developed.
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Good householder Remyla would understand, if wishing so. Guessings are always 'dangerous'.

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Bantes weekly Youtube videos are now only podcasts with a latter Q&A to help his students in their personal practice.

If you look at Bantes Youtube and it's history you will get a good idea of not only Bantes personal journey but also how he has developed in his style of teaching and engaging in with the online community.

Bante used to teach dedicated subjects without much direct community engagement, even taught in an online video game before, longer discourses, public discussions, public discourses and now a weekly podcast. I assume now that Bante has more responsibilities with the sangha in Canada and various other teachings he is asked to do, his time is less spent online helping others than he used to, like answering questions regularly here and on stack exchange.

I do agree with your POV, it is better to see the face of your teacher rather than just hear a voice via a computer screen (Youtube video) as it also builds a more "human" connection with the teacher but not also is this the world we live in, where people have personal responsibilities and commitments,  time is limited but also Bantes teaching methods have changed over time that he has chosen to do a podcast rather than face camera.

There is a wealth of information from Bante on the Youtube channel and a lot of us here that use this Q/A forum have followed Bantes teachings for a long time which in turn has allowed some members on this forum (not me so much) to be qualified to correctly answer your concerns regarding the Dharma.

I would also like to point out to you that this forum was started as an avenue for people to ask questions relating to Dharma and personal practice issues, not as some sort of social media, though community is an inherent part of such a function on this website.

So while I agree with the POV of seeing ones teacher bringing benefit, the use of avatars seems fruitless to me. As well as personally I do not take pictures of myself at all or allow pictures to be taken as not also does pictures of oneself reinforce clinging to an ego but when dead in may cause clinging to you in others.

Also I assume that the avatar function is removed for everyone on this site except more regular users to stop this place being filled with social media type nonsense and possible harm like pornography or worse. I don't think anyone here really wants to dedicate themself to being a full time image moderator, moderating the questions and answers is difficult enough. Remember it would only take one illegal and/or copywrited image to get the website shut down!
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A lot of assuming and guessings, good householder. And it seems as if he/she is very attached to his/her face and stingy to share, yet carry around all the time.
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